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Cute Interwebs Vids~

The internet is full of cute and sometimes, sometimes, you just need to share it. Or put it somewhere for future documentation when your day is bad and you need something "d'awww" to make it better!

Mother Turns Sleeping Baby Into Art - Alright, this is just plain cute. Seriously!

Sheep Do A Little Shopping - I believe a commentator said it best; "Oh Scheiße!" xD

Pup's New Bed - Maybe the floor was too cold, but the patience shown is just adroable.

Puppy VS Lemon - Yeah, you read right. This is a total smack down fest!

Doggy Door Ninja! - Suuuure he was outside. Totally.

Bulldog Flips Out! - My bully girl, Moxie, threw a fit over this vid! Lovelovelovelove!

Tags: amusement i has, animals/pets, pictures/images, randomly awesome, so cute idek, so much love!!!, squee moment, vids/clips, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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