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Fictional Character Meme from kalihira !

  2. I will give you a letter.
  3. Post the names of five fictional characters beginning with that letter and your thoughts on each.

'Kari-kari gave me the letter "M". ♥ It took me less than a minute to think up five characters. Then a bit longer when I was deciding who I really wanted to go with. Whoops~ xD;;

Mulan from Disney's Mulan

Hands down, Mulan is my favourite Disney Heroine. She's intelligent, adaptable, strong, creative, empathetic, but she also has her flaws and makes mistakes and works through them. She has cried, like all of us, but she doesn't wait around for someone else to fix whatever is wrong. She takes charge and does what she can and that's how it is for her. She doesn't just do what everyone else perceives as right, but what she knows is right. And she does all of this in the time set of Way-Back-When China where her status is significantly dropped down just because she's a woman. Hell. Yes. I just ... sometimes I wonder about her being with Shang, but that's mostly because of the jerk he was being almost right up until the last half hour. It works in the movies, though.

Max Gibson from Batman Beyond: The Animated Series

Max is one of my favourite characters, if not the favourite, in the series. Yes, it revolves around Terry being the Neo-Batman, but you know what? Max is the Neo-Oracle and I have got a fangirl spot for this girl. She's brassy, sarcastic, intelligent-like-whoa and doesn't take shit from anyone. She's a hacker who can make awesome things and, though she has no formal training, can kick ass when she needs to. I loved when she stood up to Wayne when Terry went missing. She was gonna help find him, and that was that. She stood head to head with Bruce Wayne. 8D She also has her more vulnerable sides, mainly stemming from the neglect she had as a child, which makes me fall in love with her all the more because, DAWW MAX.

Michael Westen from Burn Notice

Oh, Mikey. You get yourself into such spots and have such an explosive thanks to Fi way of getting out of them.

I think what makes Michael such a great character is that no matter what training he's had, the things that he's done, or what's going on right now, he still also has that next-door-neighbour sort of feel to him. He will stop and help people who need it. It will endanger his life, it will be painful, but he will help. And he'll get it all done. With or without firearms. Sometimes I want to smack him, though, because he knows Fiona loves him, but he doesn't realize what his obsession with his 'notice has almost lost him until it's too late. AND THEN HE MAKES THE SAME MISTAKES/DECISIONS  AGAIN. ARGH. OTL;; 

Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell (TV Series)

Your typical female in charge, she's a tough as nails, full of spunk character who doesn't show her soft side very much, but is so easy to like as a lead character in a series. She has a sense of wit that's brilliant, and the know-how to back it up. I love the fact that her character is so solid, so self-assured and even though she's seen as this emotionless figure of authority from time to time, she does care about her team and watches out for them. She'll call out people when they're in the wrong, but she'll also admit when she's in the wrong. Her past is something of a stunning thing to witness, and when it all wraps up in the 2nd Gig? Oh man, that simultaneously broke my heart and made me shout out "Finally!".

Minamo Kurosawa (Nyamo) from Azumanga Daioh

Ffft. This woman can't win for shit. She's a really nice, together and devoted character, but damn, won't she just catch a break? Her students love her, which is seen plenty of times through-out the series, and she puts up with Yukari far longer than I think anyone else would've. Ahah. That relationship might one day destroy her. ;;

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