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A Meme - Because Otherwise You'd Get Emo Musings.

I have no idea who I ganked this from (Ashe?). It might be one of those "stored in empty notepad for whenever" things. Regardless!;

List the RP journals you have and tell why you chose that name.

Mulan Fa (Disney's Mulan) @ notabride

Because notadoll was taken. No, seriously. That's what Neechan and I came up with after some extensive musing on the subject and it was taken. So, I suggested the next best thing and we were like "Yeah, sure, okay."

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (Cowboy Bebop) @ radicalmagical

Her handle in the series is "Radical Ed" and I wanted to play her at squarewarts. Kinda, really, pretty simple.

The Black Lady (Sailor Moon R) @ blackmoonredeye

...This is such a fail name, IDEK. I guess I was just eager to play her and AHA, THIS FITS HER SO WELL. 8|||| She's part of the Black Moon Clan and has red eyes. orz;;

Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho) @ notaferry

Going with the "nota" line and my random love of puns, this seemed fitting. Botan is known as a Grim Reaper aka Ferry Guide to the River Styx and there we go. Another simple creation.

Belle (Disney's Beauty and the Beast) @ beautifulreader

Her name is Belle, which means "beauty" and anyone who knows the series knows that she's an avid reader. I kind of regret not going with a "nota" name, but I still like it.

Chihiro Ogino (Spirited Away) @ notathousand

PUNTASTIC NAME ONCE AGAIN. Okay, essentially when written out Chihiro's alias of Sen means "a thousand", but since her name isn't really Sen and is actually Chihiro--which was stolen from her---yeah. So clever.

Milly Thompson (Trigun) @ aquaeyedstunner

Her eyes are a light blue and she uses a stun gun. No, really! Plus, she stuns people who always seem to under or overestimate her before getting to know her. :3

Ichi Shirai (Eerie Queerie) @ oneindenial

I am a horrible mun, obviously. Taking the meaning of Ichi as "one" and the fact that he is horribly in denial about his love during the series... yes. Another name of horrible puns.

Yachiru Kusajishi (Bleach) @ spiritedpink

She's got pink hair and she's a shinigami. What do you want from me?

Luna (Saior Moon) @ moonlitmeow

Well, since she's from Sailor Moon and a guardian cat of Usagi I decided to use the word "moon" somewhere in there. "Meow" came from the fact that she mostly is seen in the form of a cat and comes from the planet "Mau", a word for the sound that a cat makes.

Izumi Maki (S.S. Astro) @ sleepysensei

I lost count of the times this muse fell asleep during her job as a teacher. Sometimes in class, sometimes she snuck off to the nursing room to steal a bed. She even brought a pillow with her to her office, JUST SO SHE COULD sLEEP IN COMFORT.

Hinata Hyuuga (Naruto) @ sunandcinnamon

When I first got her voice I wanted to immediately make the account, but couldn't come up with something all too clever. It was then I remembered that her favourite food is listed as cinnamon rolls and her name means sun. I kind of like it, despite it being a lazy-last-minute attempt.

Retsu Unohana (Bleach) @ captainofcalm

The calmest captian in the Gotei 13, I was utterly surprised that this name wasn't taken. She's just so serene. The name really wouldn't leave my mind and I didn't bother going indepth to her limited history.

Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket) @ zodiac_onigiri

My first RP account on LJ, waaaay back when. It was inspired by a quote on an old icon I no longer have nor use on that account. It ... really isn't that clever, as she's always been associated with the riceball and the series deals with characters taken of the zodiac.

Winry Rockbell (Full Metal Alchemist) @ ofthewrench

She wields a wrench, always pulling it or some other tool from somewhere or another.

Yura of the Hair (InuYasha) @ demonesscomb

The character is a sultry demon sprouted forth from a comb. Again, no real thought put into this.

Blue (Wolf's Rain) @ petofthepack

"Pet" was taken as she spent most of her life as a pet, even quite far into the series. "Ofthepack" comes from the fact that later in the series she's part of the main wolf pack. I was originally going to go with something hinting about her having blue eyes, but nothing really seemed to fit. This is what she got instead.

Fuu (Samurai Champloo) @ seeksasunflower

Another name I am quite surprised wasn't taken. It comes from the fact that during the series she seeks a "man who smells of sunflowers".

Maxine "Max" Gibson (Batman Beyond, animation) @ ohsoschway

"Schway" is a term from the series that means something along the lines of "cool" and "awesome". Max's character is very much awesome~

Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop) @ akapokeralice

Prior to Faye's joining up of the Bebop Crew, one of her aliases used was "Poker Alice" during her gambling and gambling related cons.

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