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Aftermath; Thus Far.

So things are pretty good, atm. The surgery went well, really well according to what the doctor and nurse's told my mom. No complications or anything so wa-hey!

Prior and right after it all, however... Driving to the surgery, not as much. It's that time of the month - so different kinda pain, I was hungry as all get out, the car smelled like fast food, I was shaking because it had been so long since I had eaten and my sugar was getting low and my brother's - as they always do, but still - kept saying as I was leaving "Have a good time! And no wild parties!". ASDFHGSKJL LMAO. If I don't laugh, I would be even crazier right about now. (The wild parties thing is something I joke with the two of them each time I leave and then they get indignant in responding. They about twenty now, but they're autistic, for those who don't know.) My dad's solution was "Well, when you get home you can eat whatever you want ... except for this and this and that". I tried to throw a pillow at him. xD;;

When we got to the place there was a little kid and her two baby sister inside. Crying. Loudly. I love kids, I am good with kids, I do not like being cooped up in a small room with unhappy kids when I am miserable and achy. B-b-b-but. OMG, you guys. OMG. The little kid? She must of been about three, maybe four and she was being such a good sister for her dad while, I'm guessing, her mom was in the back having dental work done. She would switch off the babies, bouncing them while they cried - DAW and one had an earache judging by how she kept holding her head, she actually was the loudest and fell asleep with her hands to her ears ;A; - and would put them in their car seat for dad to bounce with his foot when it got to much. It was just super sweet ... and then my mom volunteered to help right as I had to go in. LMAO It was like "Awww, I know, I kno-- Bye - *doorshut*".

Waking up from the surgery, OTL;; I had like night terror like fear. Don't know what I was so afraid of, but I was terrified. ;w; The nurses had to keep calming me down and I was like "No, do not want, get me out of here!" - I'm bringing them all salsa and chips next week when I go back for a follow up. I've never been under drugs like that before, so IDEK what I am like, but even if I was a good patient during it they deserve some noms for those who aren't.

Pain is at a minimal - which is surprising because I expected to be in a hella lot more pain. I guess my tolerance is either better than I thought or the drugs are longer lasting than I thought. xD;; They couldn't find a vein - never can - on my hand or the inside of my elbow, so they did it on my bicep. The first nurse was holding my hand like "This will hurt, so just squeeze my hand, okay?" and I'm like "No, really, it'll be fine" and she was so very surprised when I didn't clench her hand in pain. It was like "You want hurt? Try being in an ambulance with them sticking you continuously in your hand for nearly an hour because they can't find a vein while your sudden field trip to Astro World goes horribly awry". I think I won that discussion. xD

All in all, things are good, atm. My gauze is out, I'm drinking okay though still not hungry in the slightest. Either that will change or I'll loose some weight from all this. :|b Who knows?

Thanks for the kind words yesterday, guys! I really appreciated it. ♥ Update later!
Tags: health/medical stuff, oh god this family
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