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Gift Giving Entry! \o/


Sup~ I used to do this a lot a few years ago and am starting it up again! Basically, what this is is you tell me you want gifts and I will send them to you for the winter hols and birthdays, ect (if you so wish). 83 Think of it as a reason to keep tolerating my derp, if nothing else~ ♥

There are a few questions you can fill out below which will help me figure out what to give you. All comments will be screened for your privacy, so if you want feel free to post your address here or send it to me as a private message or via e-mail (universetiger[at]yahoo[dot]com), but at some point I will need your address to send you stuff.

Please Note; I do not have the financial capability, intelligence or grace to stalk you, so don't worry. 8|

If you're in the US or Canada then I can also send you cookies and other baked goods, if you're okay with that! \o/ The reason I am not doing that overseas is because I wouldn't even dare to begin to say they'd get there alright. orz;;;

Copy & Paste!

Again, fill out what you want/are comfortable with, nothing is mandatory, but the more you give me then the better I can give you! ♥
Tags: gift giving~, ♥friends!
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