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To Do List; Oct. 24th - 30th, 2010

I'm trying something a bit different... instead of just listing the majour things that need doing, I'm going to list a bunch of small ones too and hope it encourages me to get the bigger ones done faster. I...I lack self motivation some weeks. Really, is it my fault that there are so many sparkly distractions about and I am easily ensnared into their pretty trap of time loss? Yes.

  • Journal essays for ARTS; Chapter Four, Five and Six.
  • ARTS Class
  • Make visual routine board for speech example.
  • Study for SPCH midterm.
  • SPCH Class
  • Dust in the bedroom.
  • Dust in the living room.
  • Clean out old drawers.
  • Clean out old shelves.
  • Bring in shelves from the hallway.
  • Transfer books from closet to shelves. Totally overestimated the size of the shelves and book collection. lulz. Not gonna happen. xD
  • Sort through hangers & laundry.
  • Clean/organize shelving unit on front wall.
  • Bring in filing cabinet.
  • Organize filing cabinet.
  • Make banana pudding - if we get more milk. Made banana bread instead. xD
  • Bake more banana bread, maybe. Brownies instead~
  • Help clean out the boys room some.
  • Water the roses.
  • Finish reviewing Mellie's awesome story~
  • Post/Set up Christmas Gift entry in main journal.
  • Organize to-gift list. (the boys are already set!)
  • Sketch something that doesn't involve a class.
  • Write something that doesn't involve a class.
  • Go see Red in the theatre.
  • Add CDs onto Oniyue.
  • Watch a couple episodes of Trigun in hopes of satisfying muse. Or enabling. Whichever works.
  • Finish watching one of the series on the DVR.
  • Name the DVR. DVR is a lame name. Shiru. His name is Shiru.
  • Organize CR plots into a list of some sort.
  • Make sure I has AC for SW.
  • Cash check.
  • Buy new cookie press.
  • Dentist visit. Fuck you, responsibility!
  • Get new meds from the dentist.
  • Catch up on Flist.
  • Yada yada yada...
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